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Members and their guests from all over the south of the county attended the Cumbria Young Farmers 35th Annual Meeting of Cumbria YFC Southern District at the Castle Green Hotel, Kendal on Friday 13th January 2017.


President, Mrs Maureen Boyren, welcomed all those present and spoke of what a privilege and great experience it had been, being the district President. She had attended a wide variety of competitions and meetings, including hedge laying, the junior rally and the tug of war which took place on an extremely wet and muddy field at Coniston. A few competitions had especially stood out; the radio show live, which had been great fun and really allowed the members to express themselves and the NFYFC finals of the choir at Blackpool, where Lowick YFC had given a beautiful performance.


Maureen went on to say that young farmers “came in many shapes, sizes and ages” with different aims and ambitions, but that Cumbria YFC provided opportunities too numerous to mention for all young farmers to have a go, try something different, learn a new skill and get involved.


Maureen brought her speech to a close by thanking all those officers and staff who had helped her during her year in office. She also thanked the members who had made her so welcome and commented that “young farmers are like a big family that keeps rolling on gathering new members”. Maureen finished by telling the young farmers what a great group of young people they were and wishing them every success and happiness in everything they do in the future.


Tracy Hodgson, The Southern District Chair, gave her Annual Report outlining a busy competition year with many clubs competing and achieving great success at both Northern Area and National Finals.  


The annual Field Day hosted by Broughton YFC had been a huge success and Broughton had done an excellent job organising the field day and dance and also managing to win the cup for the club with the greatest placing improvement. Kent Estuary won the much coveted Cock of the North Trophy to much jubilation from their club members.


Some of Tracy’s other competition highlights included the Southern District’s

Drama competition, where Kent Estuary were placed first with a drama written by their very own Emma Littlewood. Grayrigg members Kerry Stevens and Thomas Ridding also triumphed, winning best actress and actor respectively.


Tracy talked about the clubs individually in her speech, outlining the strengths and successes of each and highlighting Cartmel and Furness YFCs especially for their increased involvement in meetings and competitions. The year had seen a growth in club membership of between 8% and 63% and an overall district increase of 19% with 663 members across the 10 Southern District Clubs. The district had also raised a total of £12,629.58 for charity through a variety of activities, including whist drives, dances and a sledge push.


Tracy highlighted the importance of the relationship between Cumbria YFC and the Westmorland County Agricultural Society and thanked Chief Executive Christine Knipe for all her help and support over the years.


Finally, Tracy thanked all those who had helped her during her year in office; Social Secretary, Lizzy Wilson, Competitions Secretary, Catherine Park, Minutes Secretary, Esther Lambert, Stephen Rowlinson, the Southern District Treasurer, Maureen Boyren, the District President, the county office staff, Joanne Mills, Chief Officer and Anne Gargett, County Administrator and her partner, Oliver for their support and hard work during her year in office. Tracy went on to thank incoming Chair, John Longworth for his support as Vice Chair and wished him luck in his new role. The biggest thank you was saved until the last, with Tracy thanking the members for their “constant support and input” over the year.


Southern District Treasurer, Stephen Rowlinson began his report by thanking all the clubs for their hard work and input into the finances of the district. Stephen highlighted that the district finances were down by £5k on the year. This was due to a variety of reasons; slightly less money taken at dances and the loss of income now that members no longer undertook car parking duties. Funds spent on training and promotion continued to increase due to the number of successes that the district had enjoyed at national competitions and events.


Stephen reminded members that the last time he had reported a district loss was in 2003. He went on to say that following this earlier dip in finances, members and officials had come together and worked hard to build the finances back up and he hoped that the same thing would happen again.


Stephen finished his speech by thanking the Westmorland County Agricultural Society for all their support and specifically Christine Knipe for auditing the district accounts.


YFC members then proposed and seconded their officers for the ensuing year as follows: District President, Mrs Mary Gray, Vice President, Mr John Longmire

District Chair, John Longworth, Vice-Chair, Emma Metcalf, Stephen Rowlinson agreed to be Treasurer for his twenty ninth year, Vice Chair, Emma Metcalf, Minutes Secretary, Caroline Todd, Competitions Secretary, Olivia Muir and Social Secretary, Dan Asplin.


District President, Mary is a dr’s receptionist and has lived on the Holker Estate since 2000. She was an active member of Alton Young Farmers in Hampshire and became Club Leader for Cartmel YFC when the club re-formed.


John Longworth, the new Chair has been a member of Lowick young farmers for 7 years and before that was a member of Broughton young farmers for 5 years and has competed in many competitions and events over the years. John has held a variety club, district and county positions during his time as a young farmer and has recently been elected as Chair of the Northern District Field Day Cumbria 2018 Committee.


The trophies presented on the night were: – The Winter Competitions Trophy – Lowick YFC;   the Barter Shield for Speaking Competitions – Lowick YFC; the Harper Trophy for crafts- Grayrigg YFC; the Andrew Wilson Trophy for the member contributing most to a club’s development was awarded to Paul Barrow, Eden Valley YFC.  The Allan Wilson trophy for the most improved club was awarded to Crook YFC and the NFU Cup for Young Farmer of the Year was presented to Emma Metcalf, Eden Valley YFC. The ROC award for “outstanding contribution by an out of age member” in recognition of the help and support was awarded to Mr John Dickinson from Milnthorpe, an advisory member for Cartmel YFC.


New cups were donated and presented on the evening by; Mr John Geldard for Public Speaking, Mr and Mrs Pat Bell for the Junior Rally, Mr Daniel Asplin and Mrs Rebecca Cartwright for Call My Bluff and Mrs Maureen Boyren for the President’s Trophy. Members and clubs were delighted to receive these new cups and the Southern District will treasure them for many years to come.

Chair John Longworth with President Mary Gray

Jan 2017 18


The Northern District of Cumbria YFC held their 35th AGM at the Greenhill Hotel, Wigton with an audience of current members, officials and many young farmers from days gone by in attendance.

Northern District President, Mrs Helen Pickup, chaired the meeting and gave an enthusiastic and heartfelt speech, stating that our individual “footprints count”. She encouraged members to do their best and get involved so that they could get the very best out of their time at Cumbria YFC. 

Helen went on to tell those gathered about the highlights of her year in office. These included the Northern Area Weekend hosted by Cumbria in March 2016 and held at the Richard Rose Morton Academy. The excitement and jubilation at our members winning most of the trophies on offer made the weekend one to remember with pride. Another outstanding achievement in 2016 had been Brampton YFCs exceptional performance of their drama, “The Wrong Fifty”, which left hardly a dry eye in the theatre at Blackpool’s Opera House and went on to win 1st prize in the national drama competition.

After thanking Northern District officials and staff for supporting her in her year in office, Helen brought her speech to a close by telling the young farmers that “YFC is your signpost; to personal development, happiness and progression in life. Always have faith in yourselves…you are the future of rural Cumbria and I can see we are in good hands”.

Following on from Helen’s speech, Robert Carruthers and Matthew Emmott, the respective outgoing and incoming Northern District Chairs gave an over view of the year, praising our young farmers for their success in both district and national competitions. A specific highlight for Robert had been the Northern District Field Day, hosted by Drigg YFC and held at Calder Farm, Seascale by kind permission of the Fenwick family. The sun had shone and an excellent day was had by all.

Robert went onto tell those gathered about the increase in members, with 974 young farmers currently members of the 10 Northern District clubs, an increase of over 12% on the previous year. Robert commented that the future looked very good and he hoped that the upward trend would continue.

As Robert brought his speech to a close, he thanked all those who had helped him during his year in office, including; Helen Pickup (District President) Matthew Emmott (Vice Chair), Laura Potts (Social and Competitions Secretary), Laura Graham (Minutes Secretary) Lindsay Marrs (District Treasurer) and her assistant, Lisa Bowe, Joanne Mills (Chief Officer) and Anne Gargett (County Administrator), and Longtown YFC. The biggest thank you was saved until the last, with Robert thanking the Northern District members for their input and constant support throughout the year. Robert commented that “Being able to represent and support you all has been a real honour”.

District Treasurer, Lindsay Marrs followed on from Robert, reporting that £14,396  had been raised at the Field Day, the main fundraising event of the year, slightly down on last year, but still a good result. Thanks were expressed to Iggesund Paperboard Ltd, the main sponsor of the Field Day, whose support insured that the day was a great success. Finally, Lindsay thanked County Office, Robert Carruthers (District Chairman) and Lisa Bowe for assisting her in her duties over the past year.

The Young Farmers then proposed their new officers for the year as follows: – President Mrs. Amanda Place, Cockermouth. Vice-President, Mr Matthew Burbury,  Ivegill, Chairman, Mr Matthew Emmott, Greysouthen YFC, Vice-Chairman, Miss Laura Graham, Caldbeck YFC, Treasurer, Mrs Lindsay Marrs, Marrs Benson Accountants, Social and Competitions Secretary, Hannah Addison, Skelton YFC, and Minutes Secretary, Miss Emma Blaylock, Longtown YFC.

Incoming District President, Amanda is a physiotherapist and has worked for the NHS for over 30 years. She has been involved with Cumbria YFC for many years, as both her son and daughter have been members and has become increasingly involved, supporting her daughter Hannah in club and district roles.

New District Chair, Matthew has been a member of Greysouthen YFC since the age of 12, He currently runs a 2000 acre farm on the Inglewood Estate in Wythop, lambing 1300 swaledale ewes, whilst still helping out on the family farm.

Trophies presented on the night were: – Becklees Trophy for the Best Winter Competition results –
Caldbeck YFC. The Alan Bowe Trophy for the Young Farmer of The Year was presented to Miss Hannah Place, Greysouthen YFC and the Willie Whiteford Trophy for the Best Club went to Brampton YFC.

President Amanda Place with Chair Matthew Emmott


Dec 2016 14

County Quiz

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428 young people aged between 10 and 26 competed in the 2016 county wide Cumbria Young Farmers Quiz. After 4 gruelling rounds, the final 4 junior and senior teams met at the George Hotel, Penrith for what proved to be an entertaining and at times “nail biting” County Quiz Final.


The juniors competed first and got off to an exciting start with the scores in the first 3 rounds being very close. Penrith YFC and Raughton Head YFC vied for first and second place throughout. The final buzzer round saw Penrith YFC leave the opposition standing however, scoring an incredible 14 points. This secured a triumphant 1st place for Penrith YFC and team members; Joe Lyall, Rachel Lyall, Charlotte Wilson and Henry Wilson were delighted with their success. Raughton Head YFC were placed a hard- fought second and Lowick YFC and Eden Valley YFC came third and fourth respectively.


The senior quiz was equally inspiring with Greysouthen YFC and Eden Valley YFC neck and neck until the news round when Eden Valley pulled firmly ahead. The team compounded their success with an equally impressive lucky dip round, enabling the  team of Emma Metcalf, Paul Barrow, Ashley Herbert and Richard Drake to take a well-deserved first place. Caldbeck YFC came second, Greysouthen YFC third and Lowick YFC fourth.


Judges Mrs Linda Pigney (County President) and Mr Michael Graham (County Vice President) were impressed by the wide range of knowledge shown by the competitors and congratulated the winning teams on their success. Plaques from C and D Auction Marts Ltd were presented to the winning junior team, and glass tankards were presented to the winning senior team by Mr Dave McDonnell – Coy of Carrs Billington.


Two Cumbria YFC teams travelled down to the English Winter Fair in Staffordshire to compete in beef and pig live and carcase judging competitions on the 19th  and 20th  November with some great successes to report. Ian Smithson from Pennine YFC came 1st in the Senior Beef Live and 4th in the Individual competitions. Andrew Bateman from Grayrigg YFC was placed 4th in the Inter Beef Carcass and Matthew Fearon from Greysouthen YFC was placed 7th in the Senior Pigs Live competition. Cumbria A team were placed 10th and Cumbria B team 13th in the overall competition.



Dec 2016 14

County AGM

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Cumbria Young Farmers and their guests congregated at The George Hotel, Penrith, for their Forty Second Annual General Meeting on Friday 4th November 2016. Those gathered delighted in hearing about the achievements of the young farmers throughout a year that had been filled with both drama and success.


County President, Mr Stephen Brough welcomed those present and gave a heartfelt speech thanking the young farmers for allowing him the honour and privilege of being their President. Stephen went on to say that being a young farmer was part of his DNA and that the strength of the young farmer movement lay in its community spirit and the willingness of members to hand the young farmer baton on to the next generation. Stephen drew special attention to Brampton YFC’s performance of their winning drama “The Wrong 50” at Blackpool. He also highlighted all that the young farmers had done to help their local communities during and after Storm Desmond. Getting to the final 3 in the Country File Farming Heroes Awards had been a particularly proud moment.


Chairman Richard Carruthers gave the Annual Report which highlighted an extremely successful year for members at Club, County, Northern Area and National levels with Cumbria YFC sweeping the board at the Northern Area weekend and taking the top 3 places.


Richard thanked Cumbria County Council and Newton Rigg College for their ongoing support of the organisation, he went on to say that without this much valued support, Cumbria YFC would not be able to offer its members the opportunities and activities that it currently does.


Richard continued his speech by noting that membership had increased 15% on last year, with the total number of full time members standing at 1637 at the end of July 2016. This was an impressive increase, and it was great to see new young people getting involved with the organisation.


Finally Richard told those assembled that the 25 clubs which make up Cumbria YFC had done an amazing amount of fund raising in the last year, with a total of £44,633.16 raised for local and national charities, something that they should all be extremely proud of.


The AGM then continued in fine style, with Young Farmers proceeding with great wit and humour to propose and second their elected officers for the year. Mrs Linda Pigney was formally elected as the new Cumbria YFC County President. Linda has extensive links with Young Farmers stretching back many years and runs a successful family business along with her husband David in Appleby.  Christina Coulthard was elected County Chair. Christina is a lecturer at Newton Rigg College and is a long-time member of Caldbeck YFC.


The newly elected County Vice-President is Mr Michael Graham, a Life-long Aspatria YFC stalwart and Cumbria YFC supporter. Michael farms at Lynedraw Farm, Ireby and has been married to Betty for 35 years. County Vice Chair is Henry Knowles of Grayrigg YFC, a dairy and sheep farmer with his own cattle clipping business.  Robert Wharton of Dodd & Co was voted in for his 16th year as Treasurer. Robert was a member of Longtown YFC and served as both Treasurer and Chairman during his years with the club.


Mrs Annette Brough presented the awards alongside Richard Carruthers, announcing 4 special trophies awarded on the night: – The Top Club Award for the Club with the greatest increase in membership over the year went to Eden Valley YFC, with an increase of 63%


The Alan Bowe Charity Award went to Drigg YFC, who raised an incredible £16,867.50 for the Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust, Cumbria Flood Appeal and Gosforth Nursery.


The Mrs Dorrie Galbraith Trophy for the member making the greatest contribution to Cumbria YFC went to Emma Metcalf of Eden Valley YFC for her support and commitment to her club and its members.


Finally the PFK Chairman’s Trophy for the Club making the most effort was presented to Brampton YFC for their accomplishment in winning all 5 rounds of the NFYFC Drama competition.


The evening culminated with a vote of thanks from William Longmire of Lowick YFC and the presentation of flowers to Mrs Annette Brough, Ms Joanne Mills and Mrs Anne Gargett by Heather Bland, Pennine YFC.  All in attendance agreed that it had been a fantastic and memorable evening.



Dec 2016 14

23 teams of 4 Young Farmers put their all into competing at the annual Carrs Billington Challenge, hosted at Harrison and Hetherington Auction Mart on Tuesday 8th November.


The teams had a fun and at times frantic time completing 21 four minute games during the course of the evening. The challenges included; Hula Hoop, Sugar Cube Stack, Keepy Uppy, Giant Jenga, anagrams and an inflatable challenge to name but a few.


Ian Powley, Branch Manager of Carrs Billington and Veronica Schofield, also of Carrs Billington presented the winners’ trophy to the Caldbeck Y.F.C. team, consisting of; Laura Potts, Dan Hickman, Laura Graham and Martin Bush . Greysouthen YFC were 2nd   and  Raughton Head YFC 3rd . Aspatria YFC received a special “booby”prize for coming last.


Laura Potts of Caldbeck Y.F.C. thanked all the stewards provided by Carrs Billington and Cumbria Y.F.C. and the organiser, Claire Mason for creating such a fun – packed evening. Laura also thanked Carrs Billington and H and H for their continued support of this popular annual event.

Carrs Billington Challenge

Carrs Billington Challenge

Dec 2016 14

The sun shone on the 40 young farmers who turned out to take part in the annual Cumbria Young Farmers Fence Erecting competition, held at Newton Rigg by kind permission of Askham Bryan College.


Teams from around the county were tasked with erecting a 22 metre post and netting stock proof boundary fence in a straight line. The fence was also to have 2 strands of barbed wire above the netting and 1 strand of plain wire below the netting. The task proved an interesting one and called for teams to use all their skill and determination to complete the task within the given 2 and a quarter hours. Materials for the event were kindly provided by T.W. Relph and Sons and Betafence, who for many years have supported Cumbria Young Farmers by sponsoring the competition.


Judges Alex Sibbald and Adrian Cowx had their work cut out this year, and much deliberation took place before the results were announced. Carlisle YFC’s A team of Chris Roe, Martin Hall and Tom Graham came 1st, completing the task in the allotted time. Carlisle B team, consisting of Steven Taylor, Martin Elliott and Lewis Kirkham were hot on the heels of the A team and were placed 2nd.  Mark Fisher, Jimmy Harrison and Sam Mitchell from Penrith A team came 3rd and Raughton Head’s team of Michael Foster, Lee Elliott and Edward Turnbull were placed 4th.


Tony East from Betafence presented the trophy to Carlisle YFC and commended all the teams on their hard work during the competition. Judge Alex Sibbald thanked Newton Rigg College, T.W. Relph and Sons and Betafence for their continued support of the competition and commented that the level of skill shown by competitors was getting better and better every year. The top 3 teams will now compete at the Northern Area Field Day hosted by Durham YFC in June 2017.

Oct 2016 20

Over 60 teams comprising of some 350 Young Farmers took part in the YFC County Sports descending en masse on Kirby Stephen Grammar School on Sunday16th October. Despite the Cumbria weather doing its level best to dampen the proceedings, the young farmers showed their indomitable spirit and did not let the rain spoil their fun.

Skelton YFC showed their sporting prowess once again, with the senior team of; Mark-Lucas Winspear, Oli Raine, Simon Graham, Scott Wetherall, Jamie Dobinson and Tom Peile winning the men’s 5 a side football. Raughton Head YFC were just beaten into 2nd place and Pennine and Carlisle YFCs came 3rd and 4th respectively.

Skelton YFC continued their winning streak in the Mixed Junior Rounders, with the Skelton A team, comprising of; Sean Mitchell, Laura Elliott, Lucy Peile, Max Whittam, Oli Winspear, Will Allison and Michael Donald taking first place. Grayrigg YFC took a well- deserved 2nd place, Wigton YFC came 3rd and Caldbeck YFC were placed 4th.

The ladies netball drew a large crowd in the sports hall, with the final being played out in front of a cheering crowd, with Crook and Skelton YFCs showing great skill and determination in the final game of the day. After some exciting play, Crook YFC finally took the netball crown, with Skelton YFC coming a close 2nd. Caldbeck YFC took 3rd place and Lowick YFC came 4th.

The Cheerleading and Street Dance competitions proved to be the highlight of the day, with our young farmers delivering some truly amazing acrobatic and synchronised routines. Wigton YFC took 1st place in the Cheerleading, with Carlisle YFC and Drigg YFC taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively and Caldbeck YFC came 4th. Caldbeck YFC took a very well deserved 1st place in the Street Dance competition.

The top 3 teams in each sport will now represent Cumbria at the Northern Area Finals in March.

Oct 2016 18

Twelve junior young farmer teams gathered on a sunny autumn day to take part in the Youth Forum Rally on Sunday 2nd October organised by Youth Forum Chair, Emma Atkinson from Brampton YFC. Kindly hosted by Mr Stephen Brough, Cumbria YFC County President and his wife Annette at Buckabank Farm, Dalston, this was only the second annual Youth Forum Rally to take place and was a great success.

Teams consisting of 4 members enjoyed much fun and laughter taking part in games such as; apple bobbing, clothes pegs on the face, keepie uppies, cracker eating, memory game and blindfold yoghurt eating to name but a few.

After the teams had completed all 12 games, the Mr and Mrs Brough laid on a grand BBQ to feed the hungry youngsters whilst they awaited the results. Chris Calder of Crook YFC, the Southern District Youth Forum Chair thanked the hosts and presented Mr and Mrs Brough with flowers and chocolates.

The results were announced to much cheering with Crook C taking 1st place, Eden Valley’s B and A teams, coming 2nd and 3rd respectively and Aspatria coming 4th.


Oct 2016 18

A record number of Quiz teams, 107 in total consisting of 428 Cumbrian Young Farmers congregated at 15 village halls around the County on Monday evening to compete in the first round of their annual County Quiz competition.

As well as answering questions on general knowledge, the Question Masters also quizzed teams on their knowledge of the countryside, entertainment, sport and current affairs. This is the first of 5 fiercely fought eliminating rounds to find the best Junior and Senior Young Farmers Quiz team in the County. The next round will be held on Monday 10th October and if anyone would like to come along and watch, please phone the County Office on 01768 866550 for the list of venues.

Young Farmers also attended the Malvern Autumn Show to compete in the National Finals of the Cookery and Floral Art competitions. The cookery task was to prepare and display 4 dishes for a “Tomorrow’s World” themed dinner. Grayrigg YFC ‘s team of Kerry Stevens, Emily Armer and Ellie May Wilson worked hard to be placed 5th   out of 33 entrants. Greysouthen YFC and Raughton Head YFC were placed 17th and 18th respectively.

The Junior floral artists created a contemporary petit exhibit, entitled “The Digital Age”. Eleanor Fisher of Penrith YFC was placed a well- deserved 3rd, whilst Zoe Glendinning of Caldbeck YFC came a very respectable 5th.

In the Intermediate section Laura Potts of Caldbeck YFC and Emily Fisher of Penrith YFC were tasked with producing a contemporary hand tied bouquet, themed “The Space Age”. Laura’s creation was placed a creditable 12th and Emily’s bouquet was placed 16th.

Senior yfc member, Rebecca Knipe from Cartmel YFC was delighted to take 1st place with her “Into The Deep Ocean” themed underwater exhibit. Emily Agnew from Lamplugh YFC was placed 18th and Rosie Thompson from Caldbeck YFC was placed 27th in what proved to be a competition showcasing an exceptional level of creativity and skill.

Oct 2016 08

Malvern Show

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On the weekend of the 24th/25th September the National Finals of Cookery and Floral art were held at Malvern show, there was a good turnout and fierce competition and Cumbria YFC came away with some excellent results.

Senior Floral -1st- Art Rebecca Knipe, Cartmel YFC

Junior Floral Art -3rd- Eleanor Fisher, Penrith YFC

National Cookery -4th- Grayrigg YFC

Well done to everyone who took part!


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