Sahara Charity Trek Training Has Begun

Aug 7, 2023  •  General

Abigail and Ella have no deserts local to use, so have instead decided to head to the beach and get use to walking on sand!

Now walking on sand at the beach is a bit of a pain, sinking into the sand and sand ending up everywhere (including boots).  But walking up and over sand dunes in the desert will certainly be an even bigger challenge.

In preparation for this challenge, Abigail and Ella are going to complete a mixture of walks – including many more beach walks to get use to the sand, lengthy walks to build up their miles as well as fell walks to get some height into their training programme.  In addition, Ella has returned to swimming to improve her cardio.

Good luck in November girls and keep up the hard work.

Sahara Charity Trek Training Has Begun