It's Kenya for Hector

Jul 26, 2023  •  General

Hector Meanwell who is Eden Valley's Chair is off to Kenya for 15 days at the start of August, as 1 of 12 volunteers.

Hector saw the opportunity through the NFYFC, who have teamed up with Projects Abroad to offer YFC members, aged between 18 and 30, this exciting opportunity to take part in a volunteering trip.  

Hector is passionate about farming and would like to expand his horizons by taking his skills overseas to a new destination.  

The aim of the project is to contribute to the community and utilizer their farming skills to make a positive difference.  Spot some of the world’s greatest animals as they explore this incredible country.  

Volunteers time will be split between doing practical activities such as planting seeds, weeding the gardens or harvesting produce, more care-based work with the children at the centre. This could be anything from preparing food to playing games; Kenyan children love sport, so the volunteers are encouraged to organise outside games and sports days. Volunteers can also help teach them some basic English with some fun educational activities.

At the weekend, the group will travel to the Ol Pajeta Conservancy for a full day’s adventure.  Giraffes, lions, white and black rhinos, elephants, hippos, Grevy’s zebra and the regionally endangered Jackson’s hartebeest are some of the animals that call Ol Pajeta Conservancy home.  The group will also pay a visit to Samburu Village.  The Samburu are semi-nomadic shepherds and are historically renowned for their unique attire, distinctive haircuts and fierce warriorship.  They value the importance of music, singing and dancing in their culture.  They will also visit Mt Kenya Animal Orphanage before saying farewell to Kenya.    

Hector has managed to secure some funding for this trip through Yan Farm Vets, for which he is extremely grateful.  

 We are all looking forward to hearing about his amazing trip once Hector returns.  

It's Kenya for Hector