Planning the Club Programme?

Jul 19, 2023  •  General

Clubs can include activities on their programmes to help everyone prepare for forthcoming competitions.

Floral Art is a popular field day competition you can have fun practising during club meetings. NFYFC has ideas to help you plan sessions that bring everyone together but also help you improve ahead of competitions at the rally.

NFYFC’s guidance includes tips on items and facilities you’ll need to ensure everyone has a safe evening too!

Floral Art practise could involve inviting a local florist to your club meeting to share tips during an interactive session where members get to have a go at creating displays.

More ideas and advice on how to host the evening are included in NFYFC’s guide.

Many of the competitions at field day are creative, so it’s always worth organising a club meeting focused on craft activities.

Why not hold mock craft competitions during club meetings and involve a parent, advisory member or past district or county official to be a judge?

NFYFC’s guidance includes more information on preparing for craft sessions, with advice on sourcing materials.

Remember, if you are entering any of the YFC competitions this year that require you to present a final display – always check the competition rules for the sizes of the staging area. You can lose vital marks if your creation is larger than allowed. Ask someone else to read the rules as well to ensure you are interpreting them correctly and always double check sizes.

All competition rules, which include the sizes of displays, are available on the NFYFC website.

Planning the Club Programme?