Northern Area Field Day Results

Jun 28, 2023  •  General

Congratulations to all the Cumbria YFC members, who competed at the Northern Area Field Day 2023, hosted by Lancashire Federation of Young Farmers Clubs on Saturday 24th July at Myerscough College Agriculture and Farms, Preston. Thank you to everyone who went along and supported Cumbria YFC The final results have been received and we are delighted with the placings for Cumbria YFC.

NFYFC Men’s Tug of War - 5th = Cumbria A (Penrith) & Cumbria B (Grayrigg).  

NFYFC Ladies Tug of War - 5th= Cumbria A (Greysouthen mixed) & Cumbria B (Grayrigg mixed).  

NFYFC GENSB Tug of War - 3rd – Cumbria A (Grayrigg), 5th = Cumbria B (Penrith) & Cumbria C (Sedbergh mixed).


NFYFC Fence Erecting - 1st Cumbria A (Kent Estuary/Grayrigg), 3rd Cumbria C (Penrith), 4th Cumbria B (Carlisle).

NFYFC Farm Safety Skills - 2nd Cumbria A (Grayrigg), 4th Cumbria C (Lowick/Crook).

NFYFC Machine Sheep Shearing - 2nd Cumbria B (Murray Craig, Penrith), 7th Cumbria A (Archie Carr, Lowick). 

NFYFC Fashion Make & Model - 2nd Cumbria B (Abbie Fisher, Penrith), 3rd Cumbria A (Sally Barker, Eden Valley), 4th Cumbria C (Evie, Furness).

NFYFC Metalwork - An item made from recycled materials - 2nd Cumbria B (Jack Lightfoot, Caldbeck), 3rd Cumbria A (George Metcalfe, Crook), 8th Cumbria C (Andrew Mitchell, Sedbergh).


Junior Beef Stock Judging - 6th Cumbria A (Matthew, Lowick), 8th Cumbria B, (Sam, Caldbeck), 10th Cumbria C (Sam, Pennine).

Inter Beef Stock Judging - 5th Cumbria B (Rachel Armstrong, Greysouthen), 6th Cumbria A (Lewis Hodgson, Lowick), 8th Cumbria C (Charisse Millard, Broughton).

Senior Beef Stock Judging - 3rd Cumbria A (Abigail Graham, Walton), 9th= Cumbria B (Joe Wills, Wigton) & Cumbria C (John Handley, Grayrigg). 


Junior Butchers Lamb Judging - 7th Cumbria A (Ben, Kent Estuary), 9th Cumbria B (Jack, Penrith), 10th Cumbria C (Lewis, Crook).

Inter Butchers Lamb Judging - 2nd Cumbria B (Victoria Twentyman, Penrith), 7th Cumbria A (George, Broughton), 8th Cumbria C (Sam Wood, Furness).

Senior Butchers Lamb Judging - 2nd Cumbria C (Leah Clough, Lowick), 8th Cumbria A Archie Carr, Lowick) 9th Cumbria B (Evie, Furness). 


Junior Breeding Sheep Judging - 2nd Cumbria B (Clark, Lowick), 6th Cumbria A (Callum, Crook), 10th Cumbria C (Elizabeth, Grayrigg).

Inter Breeding Sheep Judging - 1st Cumbria C (John Ellis Grayrigg), 4th Cumbria B (Jessica Wharton, Longtown), 8th Cumbria A (Isabel Wilson, Lowick).

Senior Breed Sheep Judging - 5th Cumbria C (Thomas, Lowick) and 7th Cumbria B (Chloe Brough, Wigton).


Junior Dairy Judging - 3rd Cumbria B (Elliott, Kirklinton), 4th Cumbria A (Matthew, Grayrigg), 7th Cumbria C (Sam, Penrith).

Inter Dairy Judging - 1st Cumbria C (Natalie Waller, Sedbergh), 3rd Cumbria A (Isabel Wilson, Lowick) and 12th Cumbria B (12th Matthew Fabi, Penrith).

Senior Dairy Judging - 3rd Cumbria B (Abbie Fisher, Penrith), 4th Cumbria A (Amy Wood, Crook), 7th Cumbria C (Luke, Furness).


Junior Mystery Judging - 3rd Cumbria B (Jonathan, Wigton), 5th Cumbria C (Angus, Lowick), 6th Cumbria A (Sam, Penrith).

Inter Mystery Judging - 5th Cumbria B (Katie Liddell, Longtown), 7th Cumbria C (Patrick Galbraith (Grayrigg), 8th Cumbria A (Rosie, Sedbergh).

Senior Mystery Judging - 1st Cumbria B (Becky Coward, Broughton), 2nd Cumbria A (Sam Blease, Kent Estuary), 4th Cumbria C (Chloe Dawson (Kent Estuary).


Junior Woodwork (Milk Bottle Holder - 2nd Cumbria B (Jack, Raughton Head, 3rd Cumbria A (John, Grayrigg), 7th Cumbria C (Frazer, Lowick).

Inter Woodwork (Toy Farmyard) - 2nd Cumbria A (John Handley, Grayrigg), 4th Cumbria B (Kelsey Cordukes, Crook), 8th Cumbria C (Adam, Furness).

Senior Woodwork (Farm Sign) - 1st Cumbria A (Robbie Hutchinson, Grayrigg), 2nd Cumbria B (Paul Gardiner, Longtown), 3rd Cumbria C (Alex Dixon, Pennine).


Junior Metalwork (Nuts & Bolts Blackpool Tower) - 2nd Cumbria A (Luke, Sedbergh), 5th Cumbria C (Nathan, Grayrigg), 11th Cumbria B (Jack, Kent Estuary). 

Inter Metalwork (Lancashire Rose) - 3rd Cumbria C (George, Furness), 5th Cumbria B (Jack Morton, Carlisle). 


Junior Baking (Goosnargh Cakes) - 2nd Cumbria B (Grace, Skelton), 5th Cumbria A (Jamie, Pennine), 7th Cumbria C (Georgie, Kent Estuary). 

Inter Baking (Chorley Cakes) - 4th Cumbria A (Aaron, Lowick), 7th Cumbria B (Molly, Drigg).

Senior Baking (Courting Cake) - 2nd Cumbria A (Hannah Sowerby, Grayrigg), 3rd Cumbria B (Sophie, Raughton Head), 8th Cumbria C (Luke Robinson, Kent Estuary). 


Junior Cooking (Lancashire Hotpot) - 3rd Cumbria B (Millie, Aspatria), 7th Cumbria A (Hannah, Kent Estuary). 

Inter Cooking (Butter Pie) - 3rd Cumbria B (Hannah, Walton), 4th Cumbria A (Elinor Ralph (Kent Estuary).  

Senior Cooking (4 Uses of Black Pudding) - 1st Cumbria A (Hannah Dodson, Grayrigg), 2nd Cumbria B (Victoria Baker, Raughton Head), 7th Cumbria C (Jessica Black, Crook).  


Open Cube - 1st Cumbria B (Lucy Winter, Kirklinton), 2nd Cumbria A (Hayley Simpson, Lowick).


Open Decorated Cake - 2nd Cumbria B (Amy Blamire, Raughton Head), 6th Cumbria A (Jessica Black, Crook), 4th Cumbria C (Maddy, Sedbergh).  


Open Upcycled Cuddly Toy - 2nd Cumbria B (Ellie, Skelton), 6th Cumbria C (Ripleigh, Eden Valley).  

Open Country Kitchen Dreamboard - 1st Cumbria B (Katie Rothery, Raughton Head), 6th Cumbria C (Sophie, Grayrigg), 11th Cumbria A (Hayley Simpson, Lowick).


Open Floral Art - 7th Cumbria A (Abbi Woof, Pennine), 9th Cumbria B (Luke, Furness). 


Open Sand Shift - 2nd Cumbria A (James Warmsley & Harry, Kent Estuary), 3rd Cumbria B (Rob Brazendale & Jonathan, Wigton), 4th Cumbria C (Anthony Barnes & Nathan, Grayrigg).  

Open Pallet Challenge - 2nd Cumbria B (Leah Clough & John Cook, Lowick), 4th Cumbria C (Isabel Wilson & Jack Ireland, Lowick), 7th Cumbria A (Shannon Barnes & Robbie Hutchinson, Grayrigg).  


Junior Pedal Tractor Handling - 1st Cumbria B (Steven, Caldbeck), 3rd Cumbria A (Ryan, Grayrigg), 6th Cumbria C (James, Pennine).  

Open Mini Digger Handling - 4th Cumbria B (James Hollick, Aspatria), 11th Cumbria A (James Walmsley, Kent Estuary). 


Junior Egg Throwing - 2nd Cumbria A (Rosie & Myles, Sedbergh), 4th Cumbria B (Elisha & Ryan, Grayrigg), 6th Cumbria C (Louise & Clark, Lowick).  

Senior Egg Throwing - 1st Cumbria A (Jack Stringer & Nicole Clegg, Eden Valley), 3rd Cumbria B (Abigail Graham, Walton and Tom Hodgson, Penrith), 10th Cumbria C (Ella Batey, Wigton and Sam, Caldbeck). 


Junior Eating Challenge - 1st Cumbria B (Callum, Crook), 4th Cumbria C (Harry, Kent Estuary), 7th Cumbria A (Clark, Lowick).  

Senior Boat Race - 9th Cumbria B (Grayrigg), 10th Cumbria C (Penrith), 11th Cumbria A (Lowick).  


Open Obstacle Course - 1st Cumbria A (Grayrigg), 5th Cumbria B (Pennine).  


Cumbria B were the overall winners of the Northern Area Field Day 2023. 

Confirmed scores and placings: 1st Cumbria B (413 points), 2nd Yorkshire A (396 points), 3rd Cumbria A (373 points), 4th Lancashire B (338 points), 5th Yorkshire C (314 points), 6th Yorkshire B (312 points), 7th Northumberland (306 points), 8th Lancashire A 299 (points), 9th County Durham (293 points), 10th Cumbria C (258 points), 11th East Riding (160 points) and 12th Isle of Man (112 points).

Northern Area Field Day Results