Night of Laughter and Enjoyment at Mitchells

Apr 4, 2023  •  General

On Friday 31st March 2023, 31 teams from the Northern District of Cumbria YFC attended the Junior Inter Club Challenge, at Lakeland Livestock Centre, by kind permission of Mitchells Livestock Auctioneers and Valuers.  The evening was organised and run by Skelton YFC, who were the Junior Inter Club Challenge 2022 winners and a cup was kindly donated by ex Northern District President and Skelton YFC Advisory member, Mrs Gillian Winspear.

It was a night of laughter and enjoyment with games including wheelbarrow relay race, sugar cube stack, dizzy ducks and timed hula hooping keeping the young farmers highly entertained throughout the evening.   The final results were as follows;   

1st Skelton B (828), 2nd Penrith C (824), 3rd Caldbeck A (821), 4th Greysouthen C (816), 5th Drigg A (800), 6th Wigton B (756), 7th Walton C (755), 8th= Brampton B and Penrith A (745), 10th Drigg B (738), 11th Aspatria B (737), 12th Greysouthen B (729), 13th= Walton A & Kirklinton A (722), 15th Walton B (719), 16th Caldbeck B (710), 17th Brampton A (705), 18th Drigg C (695), 19th Raughton Head (676), 20th Greysouthen A (663), 21st Wigton A (643), 22nd Longtown (634), 23rd Wigton C (633), 24th Penrith B (632), 25th Aspatria A (608), 26th Caldbeck C (592), 27th Skelton A (554), 28th Kirklinton B (551), 29th Kirklinton C (545), 30th Lamplugh A (483) and 31st Lamplugh B (440).

Congratulations to Skelton YFC for retaining the Junior Inter Club Trophy. Special thanks to Mr Matthew Burbury for keeping the scores on the doors as Chief Scorer, Mrs Gill Winspear for her help with organising the event and to Katie Foster and Meg Harrison for organising the games. Thanks also to Cumbria YFC County President, Mr Alex Sibbald and Northern District President Mrs Gillian Potts for announcing the results and presenting the trophy.

Night of Laughter and Enjoyment at Mitchells