Young Stockman

Mon, 10th June 2024
Penrith Auction Mart

The top 12 competitors, are invited to attend the Northern Area Finals of the Young Stockman Competition in the Isle of Man on Saturday 29th June 2024. 

Young Stockman 

1st Louise Lowick

2nd Amy Skelton

3rd Billy Drigg

4th Lewis Skelton

5th Matthew Drigg

6th Mark Drigg

7th Ewan Lowick

=8th Matthew Lowick

=8th Hannah Egremont 

10th Victoria Penrith 

11th Victoria Case 

12th Jack Walton 

13th Stephen Drigg

14th Sophie Broughton 

15th Ben Kent Estuary 

16th Evie-Mae Furness

17th Olivia Raughton Head 

18th Lewis Skelton

19th Emily Raughton Head

20th Alex Furness

21st Joseph Wigton