Pool, Darts and Dominoes

Wed, 20th September 2023
The White Hart Sports and Social Club

Pool, Darts and Doms:

Pool: 1st Lowick, 2nd Grayrigg C, 3rd Eden Valley B, 4th Kent Estuary B


Men’s Darts: 1st Kent Estuary A, 2nd Crook, 3rd Grayrigg B, 4th Eden Valley B


Female Darts: 1st Eden Valley A, 2nd Kent Estuary C, 3rd Sedbergh C, 4th Lowick


Dominoes: 1st Crook, 2nd Sedbergh B, 3rd Kent Estuary B, 4th Sedbergh C


Connect 4: 1st Lowick, 2nd Sedbergh B, =3rd Sedbergh A, Crook, Grayrigg B


Overall: 1st Lowick, 2nd Crook, =3rd Eden Valley B, Sedbergh B