Darts, Dominoes, Pool & Connect 4

Wed, 28th September 2022

Soouthern District Darts, Dominoes, Pool & Connect 4 Results:

Connect 4: 1st = Sedbergh B and Eden Valley B, 3rd Sedbergh C, 4th Kent Estuary. 

Dominoes: 1st Sedbergh A, 2nd Kent Estuary A, 3rd Crook A. 

Male Darts: 1st Eden Valley C, 2nd Eden Valley B, 3rd Kent Estuary A. 

Ladies Darts: 1st Crook, 2nd Furness A, 3rd Sedbergh A. 

Mixed Pool: 1st Eden Valley A, 2nd Grayrigg A, 3rd Grayrigg C. 

The Overall results were 1st Grayrigg C, 2nd Grayrigg A, 3rd Eden Valley and 4th Kent Estuary A