Junior Inter Club Challenge

Fri, 31st March 2023
Lakeland Livestock Centre

Northern District Junior Inter Club Challenge Results:  1st Skelton B (828), 2nd Penrith C (824), 3rd Caldbeck A (821), 4th Greysouthen C (816), 5th Drigg A (800), 6th Wigton B (756), 7th Walton C (755), 8th= Brampton B & Penrith A (745), 10th Drigg B (738), 11th Aspatria B (737), 12th Greysouthen B (729), 13th= Walton A & Kirklinton A (722), 15th Walton B (719), 16th Caldbeck B (710), 17th Brampton A (705), 18th Drigg C (695), 19th Raughton Head (676), 20th Greysouthen A (663), 21st Wigton A (643), 22nd Longtown (634), 23rd Wigton C (633), 24th Penrith B (632), 25th Aspatria A (608), 26th Caldbeck C (592), 27th Skelton A (554), 28th Kirklinton B (551), 29th Kirklinton C (545), 30th Lamplugh A (483) and 31st Lamplugh B (440).

Congratulations to Skelton YFC for retaining the Junior Inter Club Trophy, special thanks must go to all competitors and to those who kindly stewarded during the evening.