Mar 2017 13

Teams from Cumbria, Yorkshire, East Riding, Northumberland, Durham and Lancashire travelled to the Manor Church of England Academy at the weekend to compete against each other at the Northern Area Weekend hosted by Yorkshire YFC. Members took part in speaking and reading competitions, played rounders, netball and football, showed their skill in cheerleading and street dance and performed to the highest level in the entertainments competition.

The Cumbria teams once again came away with a whole host of trophies and awards continuing their winning streak of previous years. The Saturday competitions got off to a fantastic start with the Cumbria A team, consisting of Brampton YFC members; Sade Burke, Grace Allen and Charlie Hayton taking first place in the Junior Reading competition. Emily Storey, Ella Batey and Katie McKie from Wigton YFC took second place and fifth place also went to Wigton.

The Senior After Dinner Speaking competition was won by the Lowick YFC Cumbria A team, consisting of Alice and William Longmire, Esther Lambert, Thomas Woodburn and Emma Cooper, The Cumbria B team (Caldbeck YFC) and Cumbria C team (Raughton Head YFC) came 5th and 8th respectively.

Lowick YFC continued to shine, with their Cumbria A team of Charlotte Mallett, Leah Clough and Ruth Cooper coming 2nd in the Junior Public Speaking. Raughton Head’s Cumbria B team took 3rd place and Drigg YFC were placed 7th as Cumbria C. The Situations’ Vacant competition saw Cumbria A’s Alice Longmire take 4th place, Cumbria B’s Emma Blaylock (Longtown YFC) take 7th and Hannah Storton of Grayrigg YFC placed 9th for Cumbria C.

The Junior Member of the Year competition saw the very best young farmers in the northern area compete against each other for this most coveted title. Cumbria A’s Ruth Cooper (Lowick YFC) took a very well deserved 3rd place. Emily Pratt from Drigg YFC took 4th place as Cumbria B and Brampton’s Emma Atkinson took 6th place for the Cumbria C team. The Senior Member of the Year competition saw Cumbria A’s Henry Knowles (Grayrigg YFC) take 4th place. Lowick YFC’s Alice Longmire was placed 7th for Cumbria C and Eden Valley YFC’s Paul Barrow was placed 8th for Cumbria B.

One of the greatest successes of the day was Raughton Head’s magnificent performance of their entertainment “Medical Mayhem”, produced by Graham Holliday, Louise Wilson, Lucy Thomas and Nicola Wilkinson. The cast had the whole theatre almost crying with laughter and it was no surprise when they were awarded 1st place. Drigg YFC’s performance of “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was also very well received and the cast were placed a very creditable 4th place against some stiff competition from other counties.

Sunday was the second day of competition, and saw Cumbria Young Farmers show their prowess on the sports field and dance floor. Raughton Head YFC as Cumbria B team triumphed in the men’s football. Skelton YFC came a very close 2nd for the Cumbria A team and Pennine YFC’s Cumbria C team were placed 5th. Crook, Skelton and Caldbeck YFCs were placed joint 5th in the ladies netball. Skelton YFC ‘s juniors were placed 2nd for Cumbria A in the rounders competition. Wigton YFC was placed 4th for Cumbria B team.

Cumbria confirmed that it’s young farmers certainly know how to dance, with Caldbeck YFC taking 1st place in the Street Dance for Cumbria A. Drigg YFC continued the winning streak, taking 1st place for Cumbria C in the Cheer Leading. Wigton YFC (Cumbria A) and Carlisle YFC (Cumbria B) took 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Finally, as the award for the Best overall Team was announced, The Manor Church of England Academy was filled with the sounds of cheers and jubilation as Cumbria A team triumphed over all others, winning first place with 133 points.  Cumbria B came second with 105 points and Cumbria C took 8th place with 72 points. 

The top 2 teams or competitors from all competitions will go on to the next rounds as follows; the Junior Public Speaking,  After Dinner Speaking and Entertainments competitions will go onto the Regional Final at Retford on the 18th and 19th March. Street dance and cheerleading will compete at the NFYFC AGM at Torquay on the 23rd April. Junior Reading will compete at Competitions Day at Stafford on the 1st July. Football and Rounders will compete at Sports Championships Day at Stafford on the 2nd July.