Oct 2016 18

Twelve junior young farmer teams gathered on a sunny autumn day to take part in the Youth Forum Rally on Sunday 2nd October organised by Youth Forum Chair, Emma Atkinson from Brampton YFC. Kindly hosted by Mr Stephen Brough, Cumbria YFC County President and his wife Annette at Buckabank Farm, Dalston, this was only the second annual Youth Forum Rally to take place and was a great success.

Teams consisting of 4 members enjoyed much fun and laughter taking part in games such as; apple bobbing, clothes pegs on the face, keepie uppies, cracker eating, memory game and blindfold yoghurt eating to name but a few.

After the teams had completed all 12 games, the Mr and Mrs Brough laid on a grand BBQ to feed the hungry youngsters whilst they awaited the results. Chris Calder of Crook YFC, the Southern District Youth Forum Chair thanked the hosts and presented Mr and Mrs Brough with flowers and chocolates.

The results were announced to much cheering with Crook C taking 1st place, Eden Valley’s B and A teams, coming 2nd and 3rd respectively and Aspatria coming 4th.